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How to work with sloping land and get the best outcomes

Updated: Sep 4, 2019

Building on Sloping Land

Building on a sloping land has its challenges but it offers unique and fulfilling moments like magnificent panoramic views and improved natural ventilation due to the slope and elevation.

There are multiple hillside sites that have brought about some of the most inspiring innovations in home architecture. Queensland Australia is endowed with elevated terrain and has some of the most stunning locations ideal for building on sloping land. Owning a home on the sloping land of Queensland Australia presents an amazing view from the comfort of your lounge or outdoor living area. However, building on sloping land can pose difficult engineering problems that require specialized knowledge, skills, and expertise to successfully design and build a safe but aesthetically pleasing home for you and your family. It is extremely important to consider proper construction practices when building on sloping land.

Thorough land assessment is the key

When designing your home for sloping land in Queensland Australia, your home builder should inspect your site to ensure a thorough understanding of the particular home site. A thorough assessment is worthwhile because it helps in the planning of adequate drainage by ensuring that any water that flows downhill is diverted away from your home.

Your builder should also consider how to utilize natural lighting with proper solar orientation. The builder must also make sure that natural sunlight gets into your house with carefully considered window placement and design.

Working with the land

It is also important to avoid or reduce unnecessary excavation and site cuts by working with the slope, which provides a fantastic opportunity for spectacular and innovative design features.

Another consideration during home design is the accessibility of the site by carefully evaluating the surrounding environment to ensure there is good access from public roads and for utilities..

David Prior Homes will ensure you get a home that is both unique and extremely liveable. David Prior Homes is a highly experienced and knowledgeable sloping land builder in Queensland Australia. We have established a solid reputation with our strong portfolio of clients who will give honest feedback about our workmanship, which is a testimony to our experience. We deliver even the most complex projects and have many happy clients. We are more than willing to connect you to our past clients. David Prior Homes conducts a FREE site inspection so that once it comes to design, we design your house to the fit your land to best utilize its natural features.

David Prior Homes, experts in sloping sites

David Prior Homes provides you with a custom-designed home that suits your lifestyle and your budget, no matter the challenges experienced on site. We have many sloping block designs ideal for Queensland Australia, or we can work with you to custom design a home that meets your exact requirements.


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